I am an Assistant Professor at West Point’s Department of Systems Engineering and co-director of the British Election Study . You can find the BES data through the website here. You can find links to my published work and working papers through my Google Scholar profile here and my CV is here.

My research interests include electoral behavior across the world and developing better measurements in social science both for traditional surveys and big data.

I have also worked for the World Bank as a data scientist analysing online civic engagement in developed and developing country contexts, for the Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe, running statistical analysis of election observer reports, and for the BBC on their election night coverage.

I completed my DPhil in Sociology at Nuffield College with a thesis titled New Methods for New Data: Developing Techniques for Analysing Alternative Social Science Data. I teach political behaviour, political sociology, R programming and social network analysis.

Finally, you can read my sporadic tweets here.

You can email me at jonathan.mellon[at]westpoint.edu.

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  1. Hello Dr Mellon,

    I am Economics student at University of Passau, Germany. In my master thesis, I more or less replicate your weather IV study but with land gradient/ slope / steep terrain IVs (I call it “land form” IVs).
    I would like to know which program you used to build that causal web of weather IV pathways.
    Was it Obsidian?
    I would’nt want to build that causal web with PowerPoint 😉

    I appriciate your help very much! (Unfortunatly I couldnt find an official Email adress)

    Kind regards
    Nils Haveresch

    1. Dear Nils,

      I just saw this comment. Thanks for getting in touch. I built the causal web using gephi, which is pretty easy to get going with. Good luck with your research!

      Best wishes,

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