This page lists my published and forthcoming papers, with links to abstracts and text where available. (Last updated 26th May 2017)


Twitter and Facebook are not representative of the general population: Political attitudes and demographics of British social media users, Research and Politics, Forthcoming

A Get Out The Vote (GOTV) experiment on the world’s largest participatory budgeting vote in Brazil, British Journal of Political Science, Forthcoming

Missing Non-Voters and Misweighted Samples: Explaining the 2015 Great British Polling Miss, Public Opinion Quarterly, 2017

Does Online Voting Change the Outcome? Evidence from a Multi-mode Public Policy Referendum, Electoral Studies, 2017

The Effect of Bureaucratic Responsiveness on Citizen Participation, Public Administration Review, 2017

Making Inferences About Elections and Public Opinion Using Incidentally Collected Data in the Routledge Handbook of Elections, Voting Behavior and Public Opinion, 2017

Undermining and Strengthening Social Networks through Network Modification, Scientific Reports, 2016

Effects of the Internet on Participation: Study of  a Public Policy Referendum in Brazil, Journal of Information Technology and Politics, 2016

The British Election Study 2015 general election constituency forecast, Electoral Studies, 2016

Identity, awareness and political attitudes: why are we still working class? British Social Attitudes, 2016

All swingers now? The rise and rise of the British swing voter in More Sex Lies and the Ballot Box, 2016

The political popularity contest, Significance, 2015

Working Class Votes and Conservative Losses: Solving the UKIP Puzzle, Parliamentary Affairs, 2015

Class, Electoral Geography and the Future of UKIP: Labour’s Secret Weapon?, Parliamentary Affairs, 2015

Internet Search Data and Issue Salience: The Properties of Google Trends as a Measure of Issue Salience, Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 2014

Where and When Can We Use Google Trends to Measure Issue Salience? PS: Political Science and Politics, 2013

Published Letters

Know your Friends, Letter published in the British Medical Journal, 2009

Logical Debate on Problem Based Learning, Co-authored letter published in the British Medical Journal, 2006


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