The New Statesman- Why fewer of us want a long-term relationship … with a political party

The Washington Post-How did the pollsters get the British elections so very wrong?

The Guardian- Immigration and Euroscepticism: the rising storm

British Election Study-Brexit Britain: British Election Study Insights from the post-EU Referendum wave of the BES internet panel

British Election Study- Are Leave Voters Mainly UKIP?
British Election Study- How we’re (almost) all swingers now
British Election Study – Why did the polls go wrong?
British Election Study – All Roads lead to UKIP?

Media Coverage

Polling, Survey Design and Forecasting

The Guardian – New research suggests why general election polls were so inaccurate

Phys.org- BES reveals longstanding flaw in opinion polls

The Guardian- Why the polls were wrong in 2015? Expert says ‘lazy Labour’ may offer best explanation

Independent- Election results: Just how did the exit poll manage to get it so right?

The Guardian- Liberal Democrats facing even bigger wipeout than expected

Bloomberg Business News- SurveyMonkey Fills the Gap as Traditional Political Polls Flounder

Washington Post- World values lost in translation

May 2015- Election 2015: The exit poll is believable – and is right so far.

Huffington Post- How Google Trends Predicted Donald Trump’s Rise, and What it Means for Polling

Swing voters

Independent-Britain a nation of swing voters as age of tribal politics comes to an end

The Guardian- Any party that fails to speak for England can forget about No 10

The Times- Shift toward swing voters

UKIP, Immigration and the EU

The Economist- Brexit Regret

Washington Post- No, Trump won’t win votes from disaffected Democrats in the fall

New York Times- Western Populism May be Entering an Awkward Adolescence

May 2015- Ukippers are likely to have voted Tory in 2010 – but Labour in the 1990s

Independent- Ukip’s middle-class supporters can be Labour’s ‘secret weapon’, report claims

Yorkshire Post- Brexit is a backlash about democracy

Scottish Independence

BBC News – Middle class obscured in a Scots myth

Social Science and the Internet

Christian Science Monitor- Are Americans losing interest in global warming? Hardly.



BBC exit poll

Worked with BBC election night team every year since 2011 including the 2015 and 2017 exit polls.

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